I’m leaving for the airport in less than an hour. Already I am starting to tense. I travel a lot, but always find the travel stressful, especially the time from getting ready to leave to relaxing in an airport lounge. I have to find ways to calm down and I like to practice my breathing technique.
I breathe in for 4, hold for 8 and slowly exhale for 16. Not everyone does the breath holding and I’m not sure of the reasons why anymore, but I learnt this when I did stress management t training years ago and this is something I never forgot.
There is a good article on line which explains the importance of deep breathing to your health and you can read it here.
… and I’m now at the airport, and it is noisy, so I’ve plugged in my headphones and I’m happy. Music really does nurture my soul.
We all face stressful times, not just when travelling but at any time in our lives and we need to find our own way.
What works for you?

Published On: January 2nd, 2019 / Categories: Career Management, Personal Development /

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