I love art and art history. I studied it as part of my first degree, and many holidays and days outs have included visits to art galleries.  In particular to see 17th century art, which tied in with a previous passion of historical reenactment for the English Civil War period.  Plus 19th century art, from the Pre-Raphaelites to Turner.

I’ve not gone to many galleries of late, but watching the Channel 4 series – The Genius of British Art has rekindled my passion.  The most recent episode, Visions of England with Sir Roy Strong was excellent, so were previous ones.

It’s made me realise that I don’t spend enough time appreciating art. I still have such fond memories of working in Manchester and visiting the City Art Gallery to spend  lunch time really looking at just one painting. 

This is something I need to address over weekends to come.

If appreciating art is my passion, (and it really is, just has been sidelined), I really must do something about spending more time on this, and I will.

For now I’m going to explore Samuel Palmer, really loved the pictures shown on TV. Just look at these.

What about you, what passion do you have that you have let go?

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