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I’m noted for my high standard of customer care and my willingness to answer any questions. If you can’t quickly find the answer to your questions please get in touch. Email works best as I’m often working with clients, and if my email doesn’t answer your query we can follow up with a phone call.

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General Questions

How much do your services cost?

You can access fees for individual clients via this link.  Please request fees for when an organisation will pay.

Why should I pay for this service?

The vast majority of career hunters try to make a decision alone. They read books and take online personality/career tests and in the end, most still stay in the work they hate! Low cost options are to utilise books, consult with friends, and opt for internet based career tests. Some of my clients have worked through books, some excellent, but still they want help in interpreting what it all means, and of course, no book is going to measure your abilities.

Instead of using our assessment package you could opt for Internet free career tests. However, these are often inaccurate and provide no concrete advice. Any reputable test is going to need to be professionally interpreted to help you get the most from it. Will you actually take action left on your own, or will there always be a reason to delay moving forward? We all seek to avoid change (pain) so having outside support means you have someone to motivate and encourage you.

How do I pay for this service?

You can pay using credit cards, PAYPAL, bank transfer or cash. All via a secure payment service.

Is paying over the internet safe?

Definitely. All payments are totally safe. Notice the padlock at the bottom of the screen and the https: in the browser to show it is secure.

Will you recommend a career? 

Depending on the work we do we may identify a list of careers for you to explore.  For example if you choose to take the Highlands Ability Battery the report and discussion will help you to understand your innate talents, the results from this will enable you to look back through your life and recognise why some job were enjoyable and others not.

You can then compare possible career paths against these abilities. You will understand why e.g. being a sales person is far better for you than a computer programmer or why you should specialize in nursing rather than laboratory work. Once you know your strongest abilities you can look at how these could be used in a number of different careers, and we support you to find out more and make the right decision for you.

Do you work with people from outside of the United Kingdom?

Of course. As assessments are undertaken “on line” and feedback sessions take place by phone or Skype, it doesn’t matter where you live in the world. I can also offer video consultations if you have a webcam. I have satisfied clients from USA, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and many European countries.

Should I work with you face to face or by phone/Skype?

Both work well. There are advantages/ disadvantages of both. Coming to see me means can involve a considerable amount of travel but many people like the first meeting to be in person. Skype with webcam still enables us to have the visual connection and I think it can be just as effective.

What if I am not satisfied?

Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me, but I am human so if ever you feel a session has not been of value, an additional session will be provided.

I want you to be happy with any product or service you buy from me. If any e-course or phone class has not met its stated objectives, let me know why and I will return your money.

There is plenty of information on all the assessments, so no refund would be available, but you would be able to have an additional feedback session with my compliments.

Where do you provide coaching?

I work from my home/ office in Cheltenham. Whilst many clients have travel here from all over the country due to the breadth and depth of my service and my reputation most will now work with me via Skype.

Does everyone make a significant change?

A lot of my clients do, but for some it can enable them to have clarity and a depth of understanding, and so they can use this information to improve their current situation.

Will my confidentiality be protected?

Conversations and written communication between a client and me are in confidence. At times details may be discussed with my supervisor for the purpose of professional development. In this case your name and identifying details will not be disclosed.

Outside of this your details will never be shared with anyone else.

When an organisation is paying for a service, for example, outplacement, details of the number of sessions we have had and general statements on what we have covered will be provided, but not the specific detail.

What industries do your clients work in?

What don’t they work in? Over the years I’ve worked with people from a wide range of backgrounds and from a wide range of companies including Accountancy, Advertising, Aerospace, Arts, Automotive, and Aviation … that’s just the A’s. Virtually everything I do is transferable across industries, and my consultancy experience is vast.

Questions about the Gold Career Programme (Winner of National Career Award, 2007)

How does this career programme differ to other career services?

I’ve spoken with numerous providers and researched through the Internet. Very few companies utilise scientifically valid psychometric instruments. Still fewer will use a rigorous ability-testing programme. Too many base their understanding on a self-report questionnaire often with little research background. Almost every programme that utilises ability assessments uses the Highlands Ability Battery. I’m not going to say that this career programme is the only one to choose, but it is the one personally lead by a highly qualified psychologist, recognised as an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. (P.S. do watch out when people say they are psychologists. If they are registered with the British Psychological Society, they will be found via the BPS web site.

How long does this process take?

You will spend about 4 ½ hours of testing and 5 hours on one to one contact with Denise. In between you will want to take time for personal reflection and later to do some research. Most people take 4-6 weeks, with ranges from a week to longer than 4 months.

Is this programme suitable for people outside of the United Kingdom?

Denise has personally used this programme with clients from all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Denmark, USA, France, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, and South Africa.

Will you find a job for me?

This career programme is focused on identifying the job and will help increase your effectiveness in job search.  Prior to the recession, about 35% of clients gained a job within weeks of completing the programme. You can follow up with Job Search Support to guide you through all the necessary stages to find a new job – from developing a personal profile, creating systems to CV and interview guidance and bouncing back from rejection.

I’m interested in self-employment or a portfolio career could you help?

Most certainly and a number of my clients have opted to move into consultancy or their own business. Some have a mix of gaining their own clients and associate working or a part time job alongside their own business. I’ve gone through this path myself and can help you make the transition smoothly, but also ensure that it is the right option for you. I’ve previously been guest faculty to a group of interent marketers running sessions on the psychology of success.

Please note that I can’t guarantee you will get a new job, too many circumstances are outside my control but I can help you to increase your self-understanding and create a plan to achieve your goals.

If you can’t quickly find the answer to your questions please get in touch.  Email works best as I’m often working with clients, and if my email doesn’t answer your query we can follow up with a phone call.