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If you can’t quickly find the answer to your questions please get in touch. Email works best as I’m often working with clients, and if my email doesn’t answer your query we can follow up with a phone call.

If you have questions about career coaching this link should help.

General questions to assessments are below, plus links to get to questions about specific assessments

General Questions about Assessments

Why should I pay for assessments when I can take them for free?
Free tests are often inaccurate and provide no concrete advice. Any reputable test is going to need to be professionally interpreted to help you get the most from it. A reputable test is also one that is both valid and reliable, and a company is going to have to make charges to pay for the research.

I know what I am interested in, why should I do a test?
You don’t have to take an assessment or inventory, but many people find them helpful, especially if they have no idea on what career path to follow or to enhance self understanding especially of abilities and personality.

How do I choose which assessment to take?
There’s a lot of choice isn’t there. First decision is what is the purpose of your choice?

1. Do you want to learn about your personality type for personal development, than choose the MBTI Step 2, The Team Dynamic Indicator, or the 15FQ
2. Are you interested in learning more to help you in career decisions? Choose the Highlands Ability Battery, Strong and the MBTI.

3. Would you like to know what your natural abilities are to really get to the root of what comes easy for you? Then choose the Highlands Ability Battery.

Read the descriptions on the different pages, these are designed to help you choose. Look at some sample reports, and remember that a combination could be the best choice for you. if you are still unsure, please get in touch, I’d be happy to help you decide.

How does this online testing process work?
You pay for the assessment and then receive an email to take you to the online testing page. Once you complete the assessment I will prepare the report for you. You then book your feedback session where we have a detailed discussion on your chosen assessment, helping you to integrate this knowledge and decide what to do next.

What if I don’t have a computer?
The assessments are available for online use. If you don’t have a computer you could take most of them at an Internet Cafe or a friends home. I do not recommend this for the Highlands Ability Battery as sound is involved throughout which could be distracting to others. Also, as it is a timed test you need to avoid distractions.

Why do I need to have a consultation?
The assessments used are all reputable assessments that are provided on the understanding that they will be discussed with a trained professional. Whilst you can take free versions, these are not full versions of assessments. You need to be guided to both understand your results and develop your verified type.

Who will my consultation be with?
At the moment, all consultations are taken personally with Denise Taylor. She has a bachelors degree in psychology, a masters degree in occupational psychology and has a diploma in counselling. She is trained and licenced to use all assessments provided on this site and has undertaken advanced training where courses are available. In the future other well qualifed psychologists may be utilised as Denise gets very busy!

When will I get the report?
Reports are usually with you within 12 hours, reports are not despatched at weekends and bank holidays. This is a personal service and so reports are not sent automatically but checked before forwarding.

What format are the reports in?

The reports are sent out as PDF documents which means they can be read on any computer. You do need to have the Adobe Reader software. Just in case you don’t have it you can access it via the link.

I would be interested in using this with my team, can you help with this?

The MBTI is particularly well suited for team building. We can generally offer reductions for teams of 10 or more, and in addition to everyone having an individual report, we can produce a team report presenting the general profile of the team.

We can also provide combined forms to compare two people on the MBTI. This can be extremely valuable when two co-workers, or team leader and team member recognise they are not as effective as they could be.

Is this programme suitable for people outside of the United Kingdom?

Of course. As assessments are undertaken “on line” and feedback sessions take place by phone or Skype, it doesn’t matter where you live in the world.

The feedback you get through Skype/phone is to the same depth as any personal client that visits my office.

Can you tell me about your refund policy?

For each of the assessments, you are able to see a copy of the report in advance, so you will be clear on choosing the right assessment for you. Therefore, no refunds are available. However, should you not be satisfied with a feedback discussion, another session will be provided.

I’ve still got a question that isn’t answered here

If you can’t quickly find the answer to your questions please get in touch by email or phone. Email often works best as I’m often working with clients, and if my email doesn’t answer your query we can then talk by phone.

If you are still unsure, please ask for advice.