Hell Yeah!

I’ve been re-reading through some old newsletters. On his blog, entrepreneur David Sivers, founder of CD Baby, once shared a great way to find focus.
Instead of committing yourself to everything, instead of agreeing to things that only half way excite you, Sivers says you should either be so excited by something that it makes you say – hell yeah! Or you should say no to it.
When you say no, to the things that don’t excite you, you leave lots more room in your life to passionately pursue the few things that make you go Hell Yeah!
It’s a really interesting idea, and one I want to follow.
So many times we agree to things that don’t excite us. I’m not suggesting you tell your boss that you are no longer doing things that are part of your job description. But many times we agree to do things that are important to others but not us. Or the other person wants to hand over responsibility.
For the next 7 days I’d like you to give conscious thought to all that you do and be ready to say no.
Then make a note of how this makes you feel
Don’t beat yourself up if you end up agreeing to do something, think of this change as a muscle and you need to build it.
Make a note on the blog of how you are getting on.

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