Graduate Talent Pool is a new initiative developed by the Government to help recent graduates gain relevant work experience.
I’ve been in London today talking on a number of radio stations to move beyond the information provided and to answer questions. Radio presenters differ in style and approach and some like to throw in a ‘curve ball’ but anything to do with helping people get a job is well within my area of knowledge!
The current situation is that there is a greater number of graduates looking for work at the same time as a reduction in the number of job vacancies thus making getting a job more challenging – it’s a very competitive market out there. So graduates can’t assume they will get a graduate job and need to think more widely. So there is a need for different options such as:
·        non graduate jobs, so you can work your way up
·        paid internships
·        unpaid internships
·        voluntary work
·        work placement
·        setting up own business
·        overseas travel including teaching English as a foreign language
·        further study
The focus of the radio interviews was on the internship option. 
Internships are a great way of gaining relevant work experience to help enhance a CV and thus help a graduate get the job they want.   They have always been available but now 10,000 extra placements have been created and some of these have deadlines in December, hence raising this now.
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In the accompanying press release I was quoted as

Denise Taylor an occupational psychologist and life coach said: “Going into higher education at a later stage in life has become extremely popular however some still struggle to make the jump. Due to the current downturn, many people are taking time to reassessing their future career paths and how having the right education will enhance their chances of meeting their goals. As a result, I tend to find mature students are often much clearer on why they want to study and can get focused on their future career goals right away.”
“The thought of becoming a mature student can be scary for some but it needn’t be. It can be a very positive experience and will show future employers that those returning to education after working full time are willing to step outside their comfort zone. This new joint initiative from the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills and The Student Room will provide potential mature students with the means to find out more about their options, discuss their hopes and fears with others via the forum and gain practical reassurance on their future plans from a number of video case studies.”
“Higher Education is the key to a strong career path and should be a consideration no matter what life stage an individual is at.”

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