Back on 1st January you probably set some goals, how are you doing?

We sometimes have good intentions for what we want to do – to get the promotion, learn a language, lose weight, sort out the clutter …. But we don’t always get things done.
Perhaps you needed to make the goals SMARTER? I’ve written about this for career and health goals in many previous blog posts for example:


Looking back and forward
No point in beating yourself up for what you haven’t done, so let’s focus on the future. I want you to see yourself on December 30th looking back at the past year.
Imagine how great it will feel knowing that you have met some personal and business goals.
Over the next couple of days I’d like you to look back and look forward. It can be helpful to use some headings, feel free to ignore any area I’ve listed below, I don’t know what’s personally important to you so choose perhaps a specific area to focus on. You can then set specific goals and focus on those.

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 Half way through the year

  • Let’s start with thinking of your work goals.

You may want a new job or seek to change jobs.
Maybe you are reasonably happy in work, but you know it could be better. Think about both your work objectives, but also think a bit more strategic, where do you want to go with your career? Are you coming up to a milestone – 30, 40 or 50 and know you want something different but what? But that’s a big question and you will need to break it down.
Could you be more effective? Do you need to work on better techniques such as time management or assertiveness? Do you see yourself as lacking in confidence?
Before planning on what to achieve, let’s celebrate your success – what have you achieved over the past 6 months?
Don’t discount anything, I want you to take some time and think about your achievements, make a note and celebrate them.
Take some time to write these down
Now think about what you want to have done in the next 6 months
Write down some of the things you want to do and then write down the most important goal, a real juicy one that will make a difference to your life.
My big juicy goal is …

  • Now think about your personal goals

I want you to think about you, not your family (that comes later).  Are there areas you would like to work on? Would you like to become calmer, more confident, actually to have more time for yourself? Perhaps you want to be able to have time to read novels, more time just to be rather than to do. Some personal development does overlap with business goals. As we gain more confidence, assertive, improve our time management, all these areas could help in both work and personal areas of our lives.
Is this an area that has been important to you?
You may like to make a note of all the personal goals you would like to achieve and then to prioritise 3 areas. Which will have most impact on your life.
Now go back and highlight your top 3 areas.
Can you focus on just one or is 3 more appropriate?
You may find there is some overlap with business goals as our personal and business lives are not discrete from each other, that’s fine too. You don’t need to keep lists of separate goals.

  • Family and Friends

Perhaps you want to spend more time with your partner or to see your parents more often. Maybe you haven’t prioritised your friends, maybe you actually want to spend less time with them?
How happy have you been with the time you spend with family and friends this past 6 months. How would you like things to be?
Make a note, and make it clear and rich.
Now, think about any goals you have for friends and family. Make a note of anything important to achieve. Then think about how you will do this.

  • Health

I’ve separated this out from personal goals as it is important. If we don’t have our health …
Are you happy with your health and fitness? Consider exercise and nutrition. Are you able to run for a bus, do you eat a nutritious diet with just a few treats. Should you drink more water or go to bed earlier?
Maybe you were aiming to go to the gym 3 times a week, but only managed 6 times a month. This is still 6 more times than you would have done, so don’t discount this. If health and fitness is really important then look to prioritise it, get times in your diary and if you need motivation get someone to do it with you.
Let’s start with – what does being healthy mean to you?
How well do you match up?
How have you improved over the past 6 months?
What changes would you like to make?
If you are carrying a few pounds, just imagine how much you could lose between now and the Christmas party season.
I could carry on, asking you to consider other areas such as money, how well you manage it, how to save more but you get the idea … and if not, or you would benefit from help in any of these areas get in touch. I don’t just help people with their career.

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With all good wishes
Denise Taylor
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