Beltane (1st May) is the Celtic summer festival. A time when we enter the bright half of the year.

It’s seen as a time for feasts and fairs, and travel between the worlds. A time of fertility and sexuality. The land is fertile and a time to plant seeds.

Could we be planting seeds?

Doing things now to see them develop and grow later. This is not the time to do big things, unless you want to, but there are small things, maybe little habits that can grow. I’m thinking of smiling more to people we meet. Being patient with others, listening to someone without interrupting … deciding to let things go rather than to allow them to fester within.

Beltane is also a time for playfulness and creativity

Many are getting into this now.  Crafts, baking, completing jigsaws, writing.

And a time for nature

Reminded of my Vision Quest, I want to spend time with the trees. I want to meet the green man, I want to be open to the unexpected, the unplanned and to see what blossoms. No pressure – just awaiting a new experience.

look to the air, it is getting warmer

look to the earth, new growth is coming

look to the fire, the summer is starting

look to the water, as it shines in the sun

the may queen is eternal, and waits us

the green man senses that the season is passing and is compelled to emerge

light the fire in your heart and in your home.  


Can you be open to what may be? …

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