Few people focus on personal and professional development. It’s one of the topics I discuss with new clients. I’m looking for extra detail to include in their CV and other job search marketing material.   I want to see where their interests lie to help identify new career options.

Too many people find it hard to answer.

They haven’t focused on their development.

Thinking of business training they haven’t done anything since completing their degree or professional qualification. They know they are meant to do CPD, but they fudge what they do, and in many cases rest on knowledge gained years ago.

For more personal development they know they could be more assertive, they could be better at influencing, but it remains something they would like to do rather than something they chose to work on.

There are development opportunities everywhere – we can think about the work we do, create a reflection journal and make notes about what went well, what could have been done differently and why.

We can talk with people and learn about their work and compare to our approach, or to increase our knowledge.

We can read useful books – business and personal development courses.

We can choose to do short online courses – such as Moocs like Future Learn.

and it si not just business related, we can develop and grown through many activity – learing to swim properly, learning a language or going to a dance class, learing to do Suduko …

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Published On: July 3rd, 2019 / Categories: Career Management, Personal Development /

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