Two weeks ago I wrote about celebrations for a big birthday

I said that I planned to mark it in ceremony. To create my own, deeper way of recognising the passing of the years, rather than a big party with cake, candles and balloons.

I did it.

Sunday, late afternoon I went to my wood and gently dropped into the natural environment. Sleeping out in the open (I did have a sleeping bag) and listening to the sounds in the wood. The deer were noisy; I didn’t hear an owl.

Everything was ready for my birth day.

I shared this video explaining what I would do


I woke at dawn, had a hot drink and sat quietly in reflection.  My phone was switched off, my watch was in my bag.

I smudged with sage. I drummed a little. I danced. I prayed. I spoke to the trees around me.

I’d taken some poems to reflect on.

Many people I knew had sent me heartfelt messages and quotes.

I read and cried.

I danced.

And I wrote … pages and pages in my journal.

I reflected on where I was in my life right now – work, relationships, health.

And then I looked back. Right back to my late teens.

And then more time on the last 5 years.

I thought about how far I’d come. The changes I’d made: personal – a new single life and independence. Work – moving towards retirement and transition work. Changes in relationships with family. Undertaking 2 Vision Quests and now supporting others as a vision quest guide.

Gaining weight, not losing it but also regaining fitness and accepting my body.

Being kinder to myself, and not putting up with things. This is the time to be true to me.

With all these changes over the last 5 years, thinking how awesome life will be moving forward.

What changes and achievements will happen between now and 70.

I’m excited for my future.

Over the hill – nah! I’ve climbed that hill and looking ahead – I’m nowhere need the end.

I created this video for my Face Book friends, but there is some useful reflections so included here

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