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I miss the live event

Before the lockdown I’d regularly see live music, and I love live music. Seeing the bands up close, being part of a group, all sharing the same experience. Occasional trips to the theatre too.

I’d never been interested in the NT Live shows at the cinema – seemed to be the worst of both theatre and cinema, (you don’t get the live experience and people tut if other people eat and drink) and whilst I’ve watched some of the plays on TV – it is not the same.  

I think I prefer an analogue world.

Like preferring my music on vinyl.

We are meant to experience life, in real life. All the senses – I miss the closeness of being at a gig, even getting beer spilt on me and the smell of sweat when we get up close. I miss the queue for my beer, looking at the merch. At festivals I miss wandering about, the randomness of what I may stumble across, watching the wind move the flags …

At Bearded Theory Festival, 10 years ago


I miss hugs

I like to feel

I want to fully experience

Last year I saw the sunrise at Cleeve Hill, nearby. This year I could watch the sunrise at Stonehenge online, but seriously, how will that make me feel? I’m not a participant, just watching it at on a screen distance.

Instead, I’ll be back to my local hill, at a high point in the Cotswolds, maybe with a friend this year.


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