I recognise I spend too much time looking at my phone. Watching TV, queuing in a shop, I can’t resist taking a peak.  I need to minimise phone usage.

I can go through emails fast, but once I get on Facebook … I’m caught with articles and links and before I know it 20 minutes have gone by and I’ve missed the TV programme I was watching.
Research says that on average we spend 5 hours a day on our mobile devices and whilst at times it can be helpful – checking addresses and facts, mainly it’s a distraction.
No doubt you have seen groups out in a restaurant or coffee shop, or out in nature and most, if not all are on their phones. What are we missing out on?

I’ve taken action to minimise phone usage!

  1. I’ve switched off all notifications except for phone, text and WhatsApp

I’m fed up of being told to do things by an app. Facebook messenger got very irritating. I have kept WhatsApp as that’s how I stay in touch with friends.

  1. I’ve removed Facebook from my phone

I’ve kept my account but only access it from my computer.

  1. Emails only appear if I click to download mail

I had thought about deleting the app, but I need to get work emails. I’m continuing to move all except client and friend emails to a different account that does not come through to my phone.

  1. I’ve grouped apps into folders

Now they do not appear as I look at my phone, all I see are the folders, so I have to go looking for them.

  1. I’ve downloaded Moment

This software monitors my phone usage and knowing that my usage will be measured has stopped me clicking as many times. Download it here https://inthemoment.io/
You can also check how many minutes you spend on each app via this process

  • go to settings
  • click battery
  • see “battery usage”
  • click the little clock icon on the right

This will allow you to see how much time you have spent on each app for the last 24 hours or 7 days.

What about you? Are you doing anything to minimise phone usage?

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