Many of you will remember the profound effect of my first Vision Quest. It truly was life changing. Since July 2019 I have immersed myself more in nature, enjoying the feel of the earth beneath my feet and the wind on my body. Listening to the messages I get from nature. Last year I was camp assistant at a Vision Quest, as part of my apprenticeship to lead Vision Quests.

It was important to do another one. The experience should be different, and it was. I’ve moved on from the lessons gained from the first one and expected to go deeper. What I hadn’t expected was the weather. It was like being at a typical Glastonbury Festival. So much rain in the week leading up to it, I was in wellies every day. Thank goodness I’ve also gained the skills of tarp erection and how to keep dry.

On a Vision Quest you partner with someone to meet at the ‘stone pile’ each day. With just two of us we were in different woods. Each day I trudged over 2 kms in the mud. It was exhausting. As I returned to my base I’d collapse on my hammock, which was oh so comfy. First night back home I couldn’t sleep, I was so used to the rocking motion.

With my extensive period of writing up my research it was bliss to get away. No technology – watch, phone, nothing to do but watch and learn from nature.

I know this can seem a bit intense, so late summer I plan to run some shorter events, all nature based. More details will follow.

Till then I hope you like the photos.

I loved this place to stay. Initially I was going out to the edge of the meadow, but I really am drawn to the care and shelter of trees. Interestingly this wood was a coppice, just like ours.

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