I’m in the final 4 months of my doctorate. On 1st September I will submit my thesis. It’s been interesting times. I love my topic – meaningful ageing and I’ve learned so much, not just about the subject, but also about the ‘how to …’. It’s a long time since I last wrote a thesis, – 30 years since my research for my MSc in Occupational Psychology on ‘The Plateaued Manager’. I’ve learned how to analyse academic papers, how to write in an academic style, reminders on how to reference, undertake qualitative research and so much more.

I’ve been told I’m brave. Told I’m an inspiration. Some people think this is a step to far at any age, but in my 60s …. Isn’t it time to step back and retire?

Clearly not!

But I don’t have unlimited time, and I now seek to have more balance in my life and to focus more on my well-being, spending time in nature and with my partner (and I can do both at the same time!) and also some quiet time alone.

In years gone by I would have pushed myself, written blog posts because I feel that I ought to and writing yet another article on job search. But I have written so many and you just need to use the search bar on my blog if you want to.

Now I wait and write when I have something to say.

Strange, I’m awake early, well, I did go to bed at 10, so I’ve got my balcony door open and I’m listening to the birds, I can hear at least 5 different birds. So, I stopped typing for a while to focus on them.  Would never have done this a few years back when I lived in the country.

You may have deadlines and work pressures and may like the adrenaline rush to spur you on at the end. That was me for so many years. Very much on the Perceiving end of the scale, using Myers Briggs terminology. But now, I’m more planful, and like to get things done in advance. I’ve broken down the tasks that need doing into stages  to complete my thesis, allowing myself the month of August to make final changes. I’m in a good place to submit my best effort.

There are many articles on the net on how to prioritise, how to list and choose between important and urgent. How to create a master list and then to divide into categories. I could keep going for the rest of my life on the tasks on my to do list.

BUT. which are important to me right now?

What fits in with my longer-term goals?

And which make me excited to work on them?

So, 2 days ago, I took about an hour to create a Facebook page that ties in with what is high on my priority list – spending time in nature. I now have a special place to share articles on nature and well-being and in time I can talk about client sessions out in nature. For now, though, it’s a fun place, non intellectual and linking to my love of nature.

I would love for you to follow or like this Facebook page and I hope this proves inspirational to you too. I think we all need more nature in our lives.


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