Why do we spend new year thinking about making major life changes?


Spring is a far better time, the weather is (usually) improving, and we are often taking time to spring clean our house. This is a time to clear out the dirt in the back of cupboards, decide what you want to keep or get rid of and look at the garden to make plans for how it’s going to look this summer.
Easter this year crosses the 1st April and I think this can be a great time to make plans for the next 3 months.  Time to lose a stone, update your CV, decide on changes in how you think about your job, decide to get a new job … what ever you want!
It’s for you to decide whether to have one focus or to look to make changes in different parts of your life.  It can make it easier to focus on one goal, or you could be spreading yourself too thin.
What I’d like you to do is to identify 3 things you would like to do daily. For me it would be

  1. 30-minute power walk or to go to the gym
  2. Write my journal for at least 15 minutes each day
  3. Stop checking emails/ Facebook after 7pm each day

Then identify your top 3 goals. You may have many, but just focus on three.
To help us achieve our goals it helps to be clear of the benefits of each goal.
You would eat an elephant ‘a bite at a time’ so for each of your goals think of the first step that you need to do. To achieve my goal of a 30-minute power walk each day I need to have my trainers handy and a cagoule in case of rain. So, what about you?
Once you have listed your goals, and the benefits, what action steps will you take? You can list them down, and sign to make it more real!
Finally think of the things that you should let go of – your limiting beliefs and bad habits. Are there things that don’t serve you? are there things you are tolerating? Again, you could have a big list so choose 3.
To help, you can download a spring clean your life goal setting sheet. Complete it and then cut it out and put it somewhere you will see it regularly like on your fridge or bathroom mirror.
Access your goal setting sheet here: Spring-Clean-Your-Life

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