I was about to watch a Clean Bandit video – Symphony, on YouTube and for once watched the ad. It was for Barclaycard, so the aim was to get people to sign up for a credit card. I stayed watching as the ad was set up as an experiment, and I could see the purpose. It was to show how a child would start today, but as adults we are more likely to wait. Sometimes we need permission.

Put an adult in a room with things related to their passion – cake decorating, painting, a musical instrument and they look but leave alone. We’re adults we don’t touch.

But then introduce a child into the room who soon starts to play, and this encourages the adult to get involved.

The point is – stop waiting, if you are already a dreamer, why not go ahead and start today.

Whilst I don’t want to encourage people to take on debt to start something, there are many things that we could do – but something holds us back. We feel too old, or too young, we don’t know where to start, we put it off, we’ll start another day.

According to the research that accompanies the ad

  • 22% want to unleash their inner rock god and learn to play an instrument.
  • 22% of people love different cultures and want to learn a new language. Mange tout, mange tout
  • 9% want to float away by learning yoga.

So, what is it that you would love to do?

It could be a major goal, but it could be much smaller, something that would make you feel good in a complex and busy world. Maybe it’s time to do some baking, to dust off your colouring books or just to be like a cat and nap. I have a great client who listed a passion as napping! What a great passion as we often don’t get enough sleep.

And why not start today?

You can take one small step – what could you do that helps you to start today?

I’d love you to share your idea below – I read every message.

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