Thanks for your help and discussion following on from doing the Highlands and Myers Briggs tests the other week. I’m pleased to say that I have recently been successful in getting been successful in getting another physiotherapy job, and am sure that some of the stuff we did helped my confidence and presentation of myself at interview. It also helped my decision making regarding the job itself, and my options, and I am happier that I am going into a job that suits me, and that I will find challenging and stimulating. However, I have decided only to do half the working week in physio, and to pursue some other options in the rest of the week. I am hoping to enrol on a garden design course, something I was toying with before, but which I have more confidence with pursuing following the work done with you. It may or may not turn into a career, but even if it turns out to be something I do for myself, and just engages my brain in a different way it’ll be a good thing.