Many people are dissatisfied in their job, for many its more niggles than a real hatred for the job but sometimes the niggles make people take action, and it is not always the right thing for them.

One of my clients, let’s call him John has been talking to me for a couple of months as he is not happy in his work – he doesn’t like all the travel, and the job is getting too repetitive. But … the job pays well, especially the commission and he has got used to having the extra money. 
He would love to get a new job, but what? If it is going to involve a drop in income he wants to make sure it really is a job that appeals to him and provides lots of satisfaction. So we are now working together.
What he wants to avoid is the situation a colleague is in. He also was dissatisfied in his job, but rather than think things through he took a new job and then thought about it. He is now unhappy, really unhappy and desperate for a new job. What he is likely to do is to take the next job he gets, just to get him out of his current job, but will this be right for him?
As I’m typing this up I’ve taken a call from someone else, let’s call her Jane. Jane has been working in marketing for 4 years, in 3 different jobs and wondering if she should take the time to identify what job would be the best fit for her, but she already has an interview for another marketing job next week so she could again be feeling restless in a year or less.
When people talk with me about finding a job they will love I tell them that the process can take time, there is a lot of personal work to do and alongside choosing the right career path/job; time also needs to be spent identifying the right sort of company and location. 

For Jane marketing might be the right career but she hasn’t found the right company or location. For John he needs to work out what takes priority, a high income with money to spare or a job which enriches his life. He may get both, but it often is an either/or situation.

The approach I take with my clients varies, with some it is focused on coaching, but for many they will choose to include assessments such as The Highlands Ability Battery, The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or the Strong Interest Inventory.

Career coaching can help you in these difficult decisions, if you have a question or you would like to know more please do get in touch.
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