Selfcare is important. We can’t help others if we don’t look after ourselves first. On a plane we are told to put on our own oxygen mask before helping others. We need to do the same in life.

We know this. But we forget this.

I’m mindful of this as I’ve been busy of late and yesterday rather than dash off to a new experience I had a peaceful day, time to read, time for gentle exercise. Today I worked a half day then took the afternoon off to spend time with a friend.  Balance restored.

So what is good self-care for you?

It could be:


Things involving our body and touch. Things like massage, soft blankets or silk scarves, gentle exercise, hard exercise, moisturising our body, playing with our dog, stroking the cat … It’s also around eating healthy, having a regular exercise routine, making sure we have enough sleep.


Journaling, positive self-talk. Reading for pleasure, saying no. Time away from electronics and social media.


Affirmations, time with family or friends, time to laugh out loud.


Time for reflection, being involved with things that are meaningful to you, having a spiritual connection.


Time for friends, sharing fears, hopes or secrets with someone you trust.


Listening to music, art, working on a craft activity, puzzles, crosswords.


Good chocolate. Coffee from your favourite coffee shop, time to do nothing.

Or anything else – we are all different – what we need are a number of things we can call on. So what about you? Have you got things in your life that helps your self care?

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