I’m a host for the Cheltenham group of Meaningful Discussions. Each month we cover a different topic. This week was – Life & Death

We are sent links to a number of videos, everyone watches at least one, and then we meet up, buy a drink and something to eat and I divide people into groups of 4-6.

This is such a great idea; we get to meet people and there is a focus to our discussion

Here are a couple of videos to get you thinking.  The first, surviving suicide had a powerful impact on me. So many coincidences.

Life and Death includes giving life and choosing whether to be child free, and the end of life. What do we think happens to us when we die? Should anyone (who) have the legal right to end their life without pain and discomfort.

Surviving Suicide


What happens when we die


Right to die


Meaningful Discussions take place around the world. you can find more via this link

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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