This isn’t the blog post I intended to write …. the teaser for a new programme I’m developing, that will follow in a few days/ next week.

but this is the blog post that I need to write.

Tell me, what do you stand for?

What is so important about you that you want it to shine in your work and in how you are with the people you have in your life.
What’s really important to me is integrity – being honest and doing the right thing.  When I checked out of my hotel on holiday I noticed we hadn’t been charged for a meal, so I told them. It wouldn’t have felt good to go away knowingly having cheated them. It’s also answering emails promptly and following up, keeping my word and delivering what I say.
I may not follow rules and laws 100% if I can’t see the point in them but I have high standards that I won’t drop below.

Many years ago, on my first day working in Total Quality Management I answered the phone, and to whatever question was asked I said that it wasn’t us and put the phone down. My colleagues quickly gave me feedback. This isn’t the way to respond. What I should have done was to take the number, find out who could help and call back – taking responsibility.
This was an invaluable lesson and one I continue to follow.  To listen to feedback and to learn a better way of working.

There are also many competitors out there, whether you run a small business like me or you have a salaried job, there are other people who want to do our job/ take our customers. You may feel you should be the same as them.

Benchmarking is useful, it’s a good way of understanding what you can learn from someone else, but it’s not just copying, it is integrating new ways into how you work. In business many people try and copy someone else, but that never works – why try and be a copy of someone else when you can be a perfect you.
Yet again my website has been copied, we were on the case and it’s been shut down, but why oh why do people think they can copy me? But they never will, because I continue to change and develop. That’s something else that’s important to me – being the best I can be and continually reviewing and enhancing the work I do. I’m never going to be satisfied.

I could continue with what’s important to me, but I’d much prefer to get you to think about what’s important to you. So reader, what do you stand for?

In what ways do you want to make a difference?

Thinking of your job – as an accountant, teacher, sales assistant, postal worker, how does it allow you to shine? It can be really helpful to note this down.

Then think of the ways the job, your boss, your inner beliefs stop you being all you can be. Maybe you think that you can’t speak up, or your boss doesn’t listen or there is never the chance to speak to those with the power.

But what if you did speak up, what if you could get your boss to listen, what if you did get a chance to talk with important decision makers. What impact would this make?

You see, sometimes by being clear we can make a difference.  Before we move on or give up we should try something.

And if it doesn’t work out … you stood up for yourself, you didn’t compromise so you will feel great. You can them plan for a change to where you can stand up for what you belief,

and if you want to talk it through with someone get in touch.

I hope this has inspired you in some small way and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this blog or FaceBook page.

And keep a look out for my next emails with details of my Career Discovery Initiative and sign up for the taster series, details will be with you within a week.


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