If you are a recent graduate and you are looking to get into the young professionals life, there are a couple of things that you should know to make you aware of the opportunities there are when it comes to applying for graduate jobs. This article will hopefully cover some things that you did not know before and will help you in your job hunt.

Your education
Let’s say you have graduated with a master’s degree and have obtained a first (or distinction). Many graduates believe that this will have a significant impact in terms of standing out from the crowd when it comes to job hunting. You might be right but unless you have got some previous work experience or extracurricular activities such as running an independent student newspaper, you have got to show them something else in order to get the job, because outstanding educational achievements are not enough.

Social Media
Depending on the job you are applying for, you have to be aware that many recruiters nowadays check out candidate’s social media behaviour. With this is meant your Facebook account, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. If you don’t hide anything from the world, it is wise to type your name into Google and to see what comes up. If there is anything you do not want your potential boss to see then make sure to delete or hide it from the public. Your LinkedIn should be up to date so ensure that you have filled in everything that LinkedIn allows you to fill in such as skills, educational achievements, previous work experience, etc. If you do this, recruiters see that you are serious in what you are doing.

Confidence is key here, especially if you are thinking of applying for a role that involves working with people, holding presentations or working with customers. You have got to show this during the interview and don’t be afraid of answering questions how you would normally answer them. Most graduates believe that they have to talk a certain way during the interview by using highly formal words. This often results in very unnatural communication so just answer the question how you would normally answer a question when being with friends or fellow course mates. The content of your answer should of course convey a message whereby you show the recruiter or employer that you are the right candidate.

Apply everywhere
Even if you are really keen on working for one particular company – make sure to apply to other companies as well. Not only will this increase the chance of getting a job but it also boosts your confidence as it gives you the opportunity to practise and to get familiar with the sort of questions recruiters might ask. Once you have got the interview for the job you really want, you will be more confident which in turn, increases your chances.

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