What motivates you?
Have you ever thought about what motivates you? Is it success, recognition, financial rewards, what? Being clear on this will help you to keep going and to seek out the right ways to motivate yourself.
Dave Francis, based on the work of Edgar Schein has identified 9 different ways we can be motivated:
Material Rewards: Seeking possessions, wealth and a high standard of living
Power and Influence: Seeking to be in control of people and resources
Search for Meaning: Seeking to do things which are believed to be valuable in their own right
Expertise: Seeking a high level of accomplishment in a particular field
Creativity: Seeking to be innovative and to be identified with original output
Affiliation: Seeking social relationships with others at work
Autonomy: Seeking independence and autonomy, the freedom to make key decisions oneself
Security: Seeking a solid and predictable future
Status: Seeking to be recognised, admired and respected by the community at large
Make a note of what motivates you so you seek to incorporate as much of this into your life and work.
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