I’ve had surgery and expected to be back at work tomorrow. But there were complications, my blood count was low and I got a clot in my leg. Eight days after surgery I was rushed back into hospital and I’ve been in for 10 nights. I’m still not discharged but as there aren’t ward rounds at weekends I had a ‘day pass out’ on Saturday and today.
Whilst in hospital I’ve had to rest. And I have, I’ve not had the energy or even the ability to do anything.
When you act as a Human Doing and not a human being it can be hard just to be … but this illness has helped me to appreciate the quiet of my thoughts and to enjoy the hour or so I’ve felt strong enough to read a book.
I know I’ll recover and be dancing again in a few months but many of the people I met have chronic conditions. I have so much respect and admiration for how they cope.
I’m not back yet, but by mid – end of next week I’ll be ready to start on my pending tasks. I appreciate that clients have been fine to wait – thank you.
I’ve felt better these past few days, and I’ve been catching up on reading. I had lots of business articles and eBooks to read on my iPad and I’ve been making notes for articles and ideas for my next book..
Doing nothing has given my head space to percolate ideas. My head is now buzzing with ideas … so more will follow.

Have you found yourself forced into a situation?

Did you fight it or go with the flow?
What did you learn from this?
I’d love to hear either on my blog or by email.
Hope you are having a lovely day
All the best for a great week ahead.
Denise x
If you have seen this before … I lose 3 months of posts from the blog so I’m adding a few each week.

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