I was reading a job ad. It sounded really interesting, and you can work from home. But would I really want to return to full-time working?

I love the flexibility of working for myself.

After a successful career with Royal Mail, I started self-employment in 1997.

Back then it was a good way to manage working with bouts of depression and anxiety. As I regained my mental health my work took off and I was working double shifts – so many clients and business development.

I then got a better balance, still working hard and long, but also taking several weeks off at a time to travel – seeing clients over Skype.

I then turned 60, and decided on a change.

Alongside the end of a long marriage and a move to living in a flat in town, I trained as a vision quest guide and started spending a lot more time in nature.

Covid lead to the end of lucrative consultancy assignments and later I never sought to get them back, or find replacements.

Covid gave me the time to really focus on my academic research. I found I liked reading deep.

I was also spending more time out in nature.

I was happier.

Less money, more flexibility.

I’ve got the right mix and will continue for as long as I want.

It’s not what I gave up – the business class travel, 6 figure income but what I gained

–        Peace

–        Flexibility

–        A love of nature

Undertaking my first vision quest gave me a time out to reflect on my life to date and where I was heading. Regular times where I wild camp gives me time to reflect on my life and direction.

How do you take time to consider your future?

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