I’ve been trying too hard to treat days as normal days. I work from home, so what’s changed?

So much. These are not normal days.

Our social contact has changed. We can no longer meet with our friends. We have to be wary of people we meet, I’m forever zigzagging across the road as I go for my daily walk. Trying to stop myself being stressed as people walk straight at me. Often oblivious with eyes down on their phones.

We may think we will get more done, and alongside working we can clear out cupboards, read all those books we always meant to, decorate …

But pace yourself.

We are all under stress.

There is so much uncertainty.

We may be ok being alone, and see ourselves as fine with our own company, but we miss the closeness of being with others. When you can’t have something, you want it more.

If part of a family, you are now taking on home schooling roles and keeping children entertained. We may worry over relatives and need to be in daily contact.

Stop reading the posts on social media about responding to challenges, only do what you want to do. and have time to do. You don’t have to do the exercise challenge. Just say no. You don’t have to start writing ‘your novel’, lose 10 pounds, run further. Bake more cakes.

Stop filling your day. Allow some down time

Show some self-compassion. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself some slack.

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