Thanks for visiting my site. I'm using this page to say thank you to people who have found out about me via articles published. You can use any of the links above to visit pages. depending on what you need. You can find out more about me via this page – http://www.amazingpeople.co.uk/about-us/ But if you … Continued

How to stay motivated at work

How to stay motivated at work – a journalist rang and asked for some suggestions on this topic, here are some great ideas, which ones would you like to try first? How to stay motivated at work 1-5 Decide to like your job and the work that you do – give yourself a sense of … Continued

Career Stages

I wanted to talk with you about Career Stages. Our work life goes through career stages of development similar to our personal life. At times we are at turning points, at other times we are at building stages.  Career stages of development are not linked to specific ages.  At any time, we can ask questions … Continued

Don’t Waste Your Talents

I've been a highlands affiliate since 2003 and my clients believe the Highlands Ability Battery is the most effective piece of information in helping them make a career decision. The Highland Ability Battery helps people understand their natural abilities. Once you know what you are good at you can then choose a job which uses … Continued

Competency Based Interview

Interview Coaching We don’t go to many interviews, and when we do get shortlisted we want to be successful. So much depends on our preparation as well as how we answer questions. My interview coaching service is effective and clients get great results. I’m also mindful of different budgets, hence offering an online course – … Continued

I Hate My Job – some clear advice here

Why do you say "I Hate My Job?"   Apparently Sunday is officially the most sleepless night of the week as people have pre Monday jitters.  So how well did you sleep on Sunday? If you didn'’t want to go to work, think about what it is you dislike? It could be the actual content … Continued

Kitchen Conversations

Short conversations on different topics 1. Kitchen Conversations – Health and Fitness at 50Plus April 26 2. Kitchen Conversations – Mindful Eating  May 3 3. Imagine the Future – Kitchen Conversation 3  May 10 4. Kitchen Conversation – Traditional Retirement May 13 5. Kitchen Conversation – Make a Difference May 17 6. Making Long Term … Continued

How to get a good job without a 2:1

Today I answered questions about – How to get a good job without a 2:1, here are the questions I answered How to get a good job without a 2:1 Question 1 “I have recently graduated from the University of East Anglia with a first in History and was hoping to break into the financial … Continued

Hate your job? You need clarity and to take action.

When you hate your job … Step 1: Take some time (perhaps over the weekend) and write down in detail why you hate your job. You really must be specific, it is not just that you dislike your boss, but the way he never gives you feedback or flies off the handle without reason, or … Continued

Career support for teens and students

Career support for teens and students Not long till results time. A stressful time for both you, and your child. You want them to do well in life, to find a fulfilling career. Some know what they want to do. Most are unsure. All their friends are going to University, but have they chosen the … Continued