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Why successful people keep a journal

Jim Rohn said, “A life worth living is a life worth recording.” Most successful people keep journals and there are many reasons why. A journal not only gives you a place to record your thoughts, but it also allows you to analyze where you are, where you are going and where you have been. Your … Continued

Weak Ties: The weakening power of weak ties

Weak ties – are they enough for job search? I encourage clients to find out about jobs via people they know. Like many career professionals I encourage people to focus on weak ties, to get them to look to their wider connections – friends of friends. The problem with our close friends is that they … Continued

Will I get the job? You must want to get the job

Vince wants to know if he wants to get the job. He called yesterday and said it is two years since he worked in his desired career path and does this mean he will never get the job. It depends. Like many, Vince was made redundant and after a few months he felt he would … Continued

Career Failure? Our strengths may lie elsewhere

Am I a career failure? Life can be tough, and it’s worse when we compare ourselves to others. There will always be people smarter, slimmer, more adept at personal relationships, more attractive to others … But we are different, and should focus on our strengths. Know where we excel and focus there. It’s not only … Continued

Newsletter 27 May 2017

Hi Another Bank Holiday Weekend and it’s raining this morning. We are at a dance weekend, local to us, and were going to take our caravan, but as it’s only 8 miles away, and we only got back on Tuesday we will travel each day – giving me free mornings at home and a chance … Continued

Flexible careers to suit a busy lifestyle

Fitting work around your lifestyle can be difficult when you’re busy living your life. However, if you need a little extra income, there are still plenty of jobs out there with the flexibility that allows you to keep up with your to-do list while bringing home a pay cheque.  Here’s a round up of careers … Continued

Newsletter 13 May 2017

Hi Another Saturday, and hope you have had a good day. I’ve spent the morning creating more videos for my Kitchen Conversations. It’s frustrating to create 3 and then realise that open blinds meant reflections on my glasses, but I wanted to make them look good. What I like about these videos is that they … Continued

Portfolio Career: answers to questions to help

What is a portfolio career?  A portfolio career is a way of working where you have more than one job. This could include working 2 days developing your own catering business and 3 days working in your main career as an accountant. Or it could be to use your area of specialism and to perhaps … Continued