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Newsletter 28 May 2016

I’ve a number of things to share with you this week so you are going to find at least some of it of interest. I realise I have an eclectic readership, and not everyone reads every email, so I think a change may be helpful. I’m going to set up a number of new lists … Continued


   The more we focus on a task, and take steps towards that goal the more success we will have. Denise Taylor  I’d like you to think about a time you achieved success. Perhaps it was a health goal and losing weight or meeting your target time for a half marathon. Perhaps it was getting … Continued

Newsletter 13 May 2016

I send a weekly newsletter, here's the online version. I’ve got a number of things to share with you. Amazing People Website has had a makeover. My website is large, there are so many options and whilst I like to be flexible I know that it can lead to overwhelm. So I’ve taken a step … Continued

Why you should be on LinkedIn

Why you should be on LinkedIn It's the leading social networking site for professionals.  Worldwide over 277 million (end of Q1, 2014) professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities.  Over 15M users are based in the UK. Facebook is for fun; this is the place for business networking. You have an option to … Continued

Why Chose Amazing People

I know you have a choice, here are 8 reasons why people choose to work with me. Expertise 1. Extensive knowledge of how people make career decisions With a combination of practical knowledge (working one to one with over 2,000 clients) gained over 20+ years and an academic background (studied at master’s degree level) I … Continued

Newsletter 7 May 2016

Good morning, Something I like to do on a Saturday is to look back at the week just gone and think about everything I’ve done, both work and personal. It’s so easy to think of a day, or a week and to feel you have achieved nothing. Especially when you have been working to a … Continued

The Skills Based (Combination) CV

The Skills Based (Combination) CV    If you want your next career move to be in an area where you will have a significant shift in responsibilities or move to a different sector, choose a Skills based CV.   This CV highlights skills and achievements rather than the chronology of events. A Skills based CV can … Continued

The Benefits of using Skype

  I love using Skype. and more and more of my clients are chosing this approach. There are so many benefits: No need to waste time on travel It’s easier to focus, less time is spent on small talk You can fit Skype into your day perhaps at lunchtime or from the comfort of your … Continued

Newsletter 16 April 2016

Good morning, It’s a dull day but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a dull weekend. I hope you have some good things ahead. I’ve got a mix – a client this morning, 2 films at the cinema and a day of dance classes on Sunday. Plus, I want to finish reading a … Continued