Thanks for visiting my site. I'm using this page to say thank you to people who have found out about me via articles published. You can use any of the links above to visit pages. depending on what you need. You can find out more about me via this page – http://www.amazingpeople.co.uk/about-us/ But if you … Continued

Values Cards – Why they are important to assess values

Why did you accept your latest job? Was it based on high salary, promotion prospects, and location? Often we will draw up a list of what we want in a job but not everyone considers their values. I want to explain the importance of understanding our values, and to provide some suggestions for how to … Continued

Learning to brew beer

Wednesday 8th March was International Woman’s Day and I was given an opportunity to participate in a FemALE Brewery Experience Day at the Brewhouse & Kitchen, Cheltenham.   This event happened across the UK and the world. Our group was part of an event involving thousands of women across the world, all brewing a ‘Unite … Continued

MBTI – Choose a report

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a popular measure of personal style. Whilst there are free versions available, they are not as detailed as the official paid for service, and you need to pay to receive a detailed report. But which report? There are so many to choose from. This practical article provides an … Continued

Personality – How well do you know yourself?

There is the information that is obvious – height, job title, our way to approach stressful situations … but there is a lot that we don’t know, a lot to do with our personality.  Does it matter that we don’t know? I think so. The more that we understand ourselves, our personality, the easier we … Continued

Changing Jobs when you are over 50

We change careers at all ages, but there is something around changing career in our 50s or 60s that makes it important to get things right.     People will question why – so we need to make it clear. We need to come from a position of planning and clarity, not panic. We may … Continued

If you could live your life again …

The fantasy, if we could replay our lives we’d do it all so much better … sounds like a sci-fi book, and one I’ve recently read – Replay by Ken Grimwood. I recommend this book, the story grabbed my attention and there was a satisfying ending. But if we could? We probably wouldn’t make the … Continued

What does retirement mean to you?

Has the term Retirement passed it’s sell buy date? Some people still take a traditional approach. They reach company retirement age, and move into a different phase. Look at the advertisements and it’s all about cruises and downsizing. This works for some, but others are looking for something different. Some have no plans to retire, … Continued

The Linkedin new user interface

If you are on LinkedIn, you may now have the new user interface (layout). What do you think? I’ve written a couple of times about the changes coming ahead, but even though I knew I’ve still found it more challenging to find my way around. Now some of the features will only be available if … Continued

Business Models for Teams

I’m again a co-creator, this time for Business Models for Teams Most of us work as part of a team, often these teams could be more effective. I’ve again been a co-contributor to a book from Tim Clark, Business Models for Teams. You can sign up and get a 63-page sample along with additional materials … Continued