Thanks for visiting my site. I'm using this page to say thank you to people who have found out about me via articles published. You can use any of the links above to visit pages. depending on what you need. You can find out more about me via this page – http://www.amazingpeople.co.uk/about-us/ But if you … Continued

Your Best Summer Ever

10 Things to Make This Your "Best Summer Ever" Wouldn't you love to have the best Summer ever? INSTRUCTIONS: Allow yourself 5-10 minutes of quiet time to write your answers in the spaces below. If you get stuck, think back to your childhood or a summer when you had a great time. What were you … Continued

50+ Do you need to earn more money?

Last weekend I was one of the speakers at the 50+ show. There was lots going on related to investments, holidays, health and hobbies. I was asked to talk in connection with my latest book, Find Work at 50+ My talk went really well, the seminar theatre was full and lots of people came up … Continued

Become a morning person

I wake early, sometimes too early, and find it easy to start work straight drinking my first coffee. On the other hand, I can find it hard to stay up late. But many struggle, and many tell me it takes them till mid-morning to get down to any work. As one of my clients is … Continued

6 ways to overcome criticism

The inspiration to write this was watching Sir Philip Green be interviewed about the BHS fiasco. He comes across as quite a bully, but also thin skinned. He doesn’t take criticism well. We can all be criticised, sometimes fairly, often not. A thin skin isn’t helpful, so let’s look at what can help: Expect to … Continued

Newsletter – June 18th 2016

This newsletter was sent out this morning to all my subscribers, I thought you may like a copy too. Hi I’m away again this weekend. A different type of event, it’s called the Also Festival.  I see this as a cross between Ted talks, great dining options and a 90s rave at night. Wellies are … Continued

Surviving a career disaster

Sometimes a job doesn’t work out but it doesn’t mean your next job will also be a career disaster. I was asked to provide my expert comment for GQ Magazine on what Brian Clough should have done following being sacked as manager of Leeds United and after Paul Gambaccini was dropped by the BBC after … Continued

Key word Research Tool

When you apply for jobs you need to ensure you use the right key words (Nouns) as these are used by HR departments and ATS software to decide who to get through the first sift. This can be difficult, so let me share a process that works. Instructions Step 1: Get the detail from the … Continued

Newsletter 28 May 2016

I’ve a number of things to share with you this week so you are going to find at least some of it of interest. I realise I have an eclectic readership, and not everyone reads every email, so I think a change may be helpful. I’m going to set up a number of new lists … Continued