You want a promotion, you want to get on at work but somehow you get overlooked. Being good at your job is not enough. You need to be seen as someone who can identify broader challenges and the advice here will help. 
1: Too many people do a good job, but don’t let people know.
When you get some positive written feedback from others be sure to keep it, and circulate the feedback to more senior people. If you get verbal feedback, ask for it to be put in writing. Don’t hide your light: let people know what a great job you have done. 
2: You may be doing a good job, but is this really what matters to your boss?
Talk to your boss and find out what is important to them, then make sure you are able to deliver. You want to exceed his or her expectations. Could you draft a report, find out about a topic or create or improve a system that will really make a difference? 
3: Look broader than your role

Make it your business to find out more about the other departments and business units. Don’t have a silo mentality. Don’t just do your job but look around and understand the bigger picture.

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Published On: February 21st, 2008 / Categories: Career Management /

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