We are taught how to read and write, but not how to listen. We can enhance our relationships with others through effective listening. Here
are 20 things you can do to enhance your listening skills
Leave your own concerns to one side.
You can’t focus on somebody else if you are also thinking about your problems, to do list or concerns. This leads onto
Allow yourself sufficient time.
If you have to dash off to a meeting, you will want to go at a quicker pace to suit you, not the person who you are listening to.
Talk less than you listen. We have two ears and one mouth, so have your communication in the same proportion.
Use eye contact. It is hard for someone to continue to talk with someone who is not looking at them.
Show some nonverbal behaviour.
Make use of nods of the heads and uhhuhs etc. All of these encourage the other person to say more. But don’t just use them ad hoc when you are not really listening. It devalues them.


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