I’m back from a long weekend in North Wales at our last festival of the season – Festival Number 6, held at Portmeirion in the village where they filmed The Prisoner. Alongside bands like Daughter, Neon-Neon, Chic and Johnny Marr I also saw poets such as John Cooper Clarke and Kermit (ex Blake Grape) and went to the Salon sessions with talks on identity from people with varied backgrounds including Philippa Perry, psychotherapist and author, DJ and producer Greg Wilson discussing the second summer of love and Art Macabre – death drawing sessions. I’ll be writing blog posts over the coming weeks on what I gained from these sessions.

I love to experience new things and each of these sessions triggered some useful thoughts that got me thinking, and my professional development is much more than obvious things connected to my work, it’s looking at the edges, and seeing how speaking to e.g. a cosmologist can lead to something new to better help my clients.

In my last newsletter I wrote about overwhelm, and I’m being much more careful about protecting myself, taking time out just to be or to read quietly. I’m also walking more rather than gym sessions that belt out too much high energy music, I’d rather notice the way the countryside changes, but might feel different on a cold and wet November morning.

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