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Autumn Equinox

It’s now Autumn, we have passed through the Autumn Equinox, the North Pole is tilting away from the sun. We are transitioning into a new season.

This is the time of year where light and dark are in balance.

It got me thinking. How well are we in balance?

Balance to me is all aspects of our lives – work, family, personal activity and time to be. We don’t need to fill our day with activity. It’s helpful to take some time to sit and reflect, and for me this is out in nature.

In nature I focus on what I can see. What I can hear. I listen to the birds, the wind. I look closely at trees. This clears my head and helps me feel calmer. More at peace. If I don’t do this at least weekly I get bogged down in life. It’s only after spending 10 days in nature on my Vision Quest that I’ve really appreciated nature.

I spent time this past weekend. For you it maybe the weekend to come. I took time to reflect on my past 3 months – with my Vision Quest, I’d experienced some powerful insights. I’ve become more comfortable and content with the person that I am.

I also thought about the 3 months to come, the lead up to the Winter Solstice and Christmas.  What is important for me to do.  What do I need to do to ensure that I can be the person I am.

Back to balance.

With starting my doctoral studies, I need to find a significant monthly payment and the time to study.  I’ve cancelled regular expenses like my personal trainer and deleted many newsletters that took time and energy. I’ve allocated 2 days a week to study, and as I’m no longer doing some consultancy, the time will balance. I’m focusing what I read on my studies -retirement/elderhood. Whatever age you are, you will all reach this transition point and what i will cover will have relevance to all.   

A Trip to Nepal

I have a trip planned and head off to Nepal on Friday 4th October. I want to spend time in nature, time in a more spiritual environment, and more time with my longer-term thinking.

Taking a wider view

We may want to take a wider view, are there things we want to get involved with – political, environmental, social. 

Some of the people I both know and work with are in a stressed condition, focused on the pain in their lives. We can’t get rid of this pain, but we can learn more on how to live with it.

What can help is to do things for others, to volunteer, to campaign.  To do things for others, things that are outside of work and our daily lives. We don’t all have a great deal of spare time, but if things are important, we can find some time. We can start small …

Two recent articles

I hope you like them.

Updated website

I no longer have a traditional business photo, and I’m happy with that. I see myself more as a guide supporting my clients in the journey they take. 

I have an interview for some occasional consultancy work on Thursday. I completed the application, had to assess an interview, score it and write a report, without any guidance, and now the final stage – a panel competency based interview. I’m going to go as me – no makeup, answer honestly. Why would I be anything else. 

I like to have some consultancy work alongside 121 work, and as with the seasons, things have been changing and some has ended. Doing me good to go through the recruitment process and put all my knowledge into practice for me!. 


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