This comes from my heart, and something I am trying to address.

Some people find themselves saying yes to everything, they know they don’t have much time but still agree to other things. I’m really busy at the moment yet have still found the time to fit in clients when I really have enough clients in on a day, but should I have?

Some women are addicted to stress and end up in withdrawal if they do try and slow down. Apparently if you try and read a book for 30 minutes and find yourself unable to do this you are a stress addict.  I can do this, so not too bad!

I think there are different reasons why I do too much, it is partly because I love to help others but also part of my nature, my parents were always very busy when I was young and I have a very strong worth ethic.

We should all take the time to slow down, and make sure that we do connect with people. We all need time to be rather than to just do. I was able to spend yesterday away from my desk, which was good, still busy doing household chores but I took time for a leisurely lunch out and to relax with my husband.

What about you? How busy are you and should you take some time to slow down?

If you have some tips, I would love to hear what works for you, so do please let me know.

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Published On: March 2nd, 2008 / Categories: Career Management /

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