I signed up ages ago, and like many new shiny options I then left it to be. But it’s great! It really is the one place to direct everyone to.

So instead of telling people about the link to access you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more, all you need is this one short link and every other link is accessible from this page.
When I create new business cards I’ll probably go for a very clean and uncluttered link and just include my main website and this and from that anyone who is interested can find all my other accounts with one click.
There’s a design element to it and some people have a very stylish page. Many like me have opted for their photo to be a key feature and I like that, we connect with people and we want to know what someone looks like.
This evening I’ve done a review of well over 100 pages, all people I’ve got at least a vague connection with. I was surprised at how many don’t have their picture at all. Others have it in just a small box. That’s from a basic template, it’s worth getting a designer to create something bespoke.
I have lots of websites, I’m getting into creating specific mini sites so I’ve got a big list of links. But that’s not necessary, and for people who work as employees just a few links keep the site simple and clean.
I plan to start suggesting this more to my clients. I’ve got them including a link to LinkedIn on their CV but this can give a distinctive edge. It also allows them to share a bit of their personality so for example if you sail you can have a wonderful image of you out on the sea, adjusting sails. Or if you cycle on your bike freewheeling down a hill … you get the idea.

BTW sign up soon and you can get access to lots of extras including 6 months access to free online training, I haven’t reviewed this yet, but sounds like it is worth a peek. Read more here.

I encourage you to have an online presence, and alongside a LinkedIn account, this is highly recommended.

So come on, get started and let me know once your page is up.

Published On: November 21st, 2014 / Categories: Career Management, Social Media /

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