I wake early, sometimes too early, and find it easy to start work straight drinking my first coffee. On the other hand, I can find it hard to stay up late.

But many struggle, and many tell me it takes them till mid-morning to get down to any work. As one of my clients is about to start a new job and wants to be seen as a morning person I thought this would be helpful for him, and maybe you.

How to become a time wizard by mastering morning

This article came as an email this morning and describes how the author trained herself to get up earlier. These 6 tips stood out but I also suggest you head over and read her article.

  1. I started going to bed earlier
  2. I set my alarm for 15 minutes earlier than my original waking time
  3. I let myself get used to the new waking time (15 minutes earlier) for about a week
  4. Once I was able to get up for a whole week without issues at the new waking time, I decided to dial my bedtime and waking time back another 15 minutes
  5. I stabilized at the new, new bedtime and waking time
  6. Then I cranked things back another 15 minutes until I hit my target waking time.

I also began using a silent (vibrating) alarm to minimize the impact of my experiment on my girlfriend! It gave her the time to complete some study and also to work on her business.

This is another article on the same subject that you might like to review – Michael Hyatt: How to become a morning person.


Have you found this helpful, let me know how you get on using the comment box below.

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