I want to write from the heart. To be authentic. To write things that are meaningful to me. I want to write posts to make people think, to give people like you some inspiration.

I don’t want to write with SEO in mind.

I’ve been mainly writing things to help my Amazing People Career Consultancy business for over 20 years, this is my business expertise. Over the past 2-3 years I’ve focused more on people aged 50 plus. I created a separate website and have gained a good reputation, speaking at conferences and running workshops.

I don’t want to keep creating posts on personal branding, how to write CVs, etc. because that’s what people say I should write about. Look at the almost 1500 blog posts and you will find plenty that address these topics. I’m not even sure ‘the 50 Plus Coach’ is the right title either. This is an age group of 40 years with very different needs, from working to retirement and onwards to end of life.

I now want to focus.

I’ve had confirmation of acceptance to study for a Professional Doctorate, similar to a PhD. If successful I’ll be Dr Taylor, but the focus is in the workplace not academia. Since submitting I’ve gained greater clarity on my research focus. No longer un-retirement, when people go back to work after retirement. Instead I am interested in the transition from adulthood to elderhood. I want people to reclaim the role of elder.

To be considered an elder we need to know ourselves more. And this can start at any age. We are all elders in waiting.

I hope you like the new direction and want to share this journey with me. I’ll be including articles on helping us understand more about ourselves – so personal development stuff alongside my developing knowledge on becoming an elder.

Creating Space

To prepare I’ve been tidying – papers in filing cabinets, clothes in my wardrobe, files on my computer, and I’ve reviewed my Amazing People website.  I’ve now got a new section: Wise Elder. Not much there yet, but it will grow.

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Till next time, Denise

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