I’m always interested in people who push themselves to their limits, to be everything they can be.

I think challenging ourselves is far more important than being number 1 at something. Not all of us can be Olympic athletes but we can improve the time we run, the reps we do etc. Not everyone is going to be a world class dancer but if that’s our thing we can get better and better at the Waltz, Jive or Salsa.
We may not get 100% in an exam, but we can know that we worked hard and put in the effort to get the best score we are capable of. We may say but I’m just working at a supermarket but each day we can strive to give great customer service and not to react negatively to snappy customers.

Alas many people don’t bother, and that always bothers me.

People who decide not to try, who accepts being 3rd rate or worse.

I’m a regular cinema going and alongside the annoying ad for ‘Cineme’ I loved the quite long ad from Red Bull. It features the Atherton Family; Gee and Rachel are world class mountain bikers. (No longer on in the cinema).
Their motivational story is how they have dealt with adversity, but picked themselves up and carried on. The need to get physically fit but also the need for mental fitness and the belief that yes they can do it and to learn from their mistakes. People who succeed often share great quotes and theirs include:
“If you’re in control, you aren’t going fast enough.”
“I get inspired when I think about people who have pushed their bodies to the limit.”
“My philosophy of life is never ignore your instinct and you can always push harder.”
In years gone by, Rachel was hit by a truck during pre-season training while out on a road cycle, and took time out to recover, but returned fighting fit and by 2010 she was ranked seventh place overall in the UCI Women’s Elite downhill ranking. She could have given up, she could have moaned about it all being unfair, and maybe she did moan a bit, but mainly she focused on regaining her fitness.
I’ve included the video and I’m sure you will find it as inspirational as I have.
Rachel says that winning the William World Cup in 2013 after she’d been trying to win for 8 years, meant more to her than anything. She said “All the things I’ve been through, all the training, hard work, dedication was worth it. The thing that drives me, even after wining world titles is knowing I can be better, I can race faster, I can be stronger.”
Gee says that he needs to keep working in small ways …  ”A good example of challenging myself is  when you step up to the mark and it can go both ways. Remember when you’re striving to better yourself some days you are going to succeed and sometimes you’re not … The number of times I’ve tried to be the fastest man on the track and failed, but I keep going and the end goal is always worth it..”

“The thing that’s always helped us, that drives us is having a goal to achieve – whether it’s winning world cups or shaving seconds off our personal best.”

What about you? What goal do you want to achieve?

  • To get a new job, quicker and to make the process enjoyable?
  • To pass your professional exams?
  • To raise your profile at work and get the promotion?
  • To make each customer feel special so you can go home each day and feel content?

My goal is to get back in good health, to walk a bit more each day – Due to complications following surgery I can only walk a few hundred steps at one time but each day I make it a few steps further. It’s may seem quite a simple goal but after a major illness to get back dancing will be as big an achievement as climbing a mountain.
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