One of my clients gained his MBA as a mature student and came to see me as he is disappointed not to be getting short listed for jobs. His wife came as well, and she was quite agitated. Her husband had given up his £45,000 a year job, they had moved to a smaller house and now he wasn’t even getting short listed for jobs on a par with what he had earned when he left.

I think he had unrealistic expectations from his degree and as my dad would say – I think he’s been sold a pup!  An MBA from a prestigious university like London Business School, Warwick Business School, Insead will always be worth it. Not just for the qualification but for the network you develop with your fellow students.

However his degree was not from one of these first division business schools and wasn’t recognised by the Association of MBAs putting him into the 3rd division.

I felt deeply saddened for him, and wish he had discussed this with me in advance of making such a major career decision. Careers guidance is about helping people to make an objective choice and seeing a full picture, including the negative impact of a choice.

For many of us, studying for an MBA is best done part time, not only is this cheaper, but it is less risky and we can also put what we learn into practice through our work. Always have a look at the Open University Business School – their degree is accredited by the Association of MBAs, has a great reputation and is well respected by employers.

If you are thinking of setting up your own business, you probably don’t need an MBA and would be better getting more direct assistance in setting up a business.

If you are thinking about leaving a well paid job to take on further study, do seek out careers advice first.

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