Recently I worked with a client to help her make a decision. She worked in the career/recruitment field and thought she should be able to make a decision herself. 

I’ve decided to write this as had another enquiry today, another career advisor who is unsure what to do next in her career.

Often we feel we should be able to do something, but getting external help is the fastest way to make a clearer decision.

We can try and solve a problem ourselves and often we can do this, but sometimes we get caught up in the detail, or there are too many people we know trying to be helpful but adding to the confusion.

This client I worked with, lets call her Moira, was currently on maternity leave and wondering what to do – she’s decided to resign as the job was pretty full on and she thought she couldn’t do this full time. Her husband has his own business and she’s be able to work on admin tasks for 1-2 days a week and this would be enough alongside a baby.

But she’s be offered the opportunity to go back 2 days a week -and it paid well, so what to do.

We talked about the options – weighed things up, looked to the future and she became a lot clearer.

I love it when we reach the end of a session and my client is happy, I’m feeling good as we had a great coaching session and you know she is confident she has made a well thought out decision. Plus she knows she can come back to me and book another session as she moves forward on her choice.

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