Practical Tips:
Here are some ways you can undertake your own career review

  1. What is bringing you down

We tend to focus on what we don’t like about our jobs so let’s focus on this. It could be the content of the work (too easy; too much) or relationships with others (bosses/ colleagues/ customers). It could be the commute or the long hours.
Get everything written down.
But we don’t dislike everything.

  1. What’s going well?

Take some time to think about what is going well in your current job. You may say that it is well within your comfort zone, you have great friends as colleagues, it’s a comfortable journey to and from work.
Again, write down what is going well.

  1. Are there changes you could make to your job that would improve things for you?

Maybe you need to get help from someone to create or simplify processes? Or perhaps you need to be firmer on your going home time and to say no to your boss more. Or you could ask for some development – go on a course, get involved in a project, mentor a more junior member of staff.
Identify at least 3 changes you could make, and write them down.

  1. If not this job, what?

This is often a hard one. What else could you do? This is when external support can help; to help you to consider what is important to you regarding your values, ideal work environment, skills you want to use, and skills to avoid. What you are prepared to sacrifice – money? time?

  1. Make a note of mini successes each day

I like to get clients to do this.
You can ask yourself what has gone well today and why. This can include dealing with challenging people, solving problems, completing tasks and much more.
Again, write the detail down.

Next steps

So you have done a mini-review. What do you want to do next? Your options are

  • Stay and look to make some small changes and focus more on your personal interests
  • Talk with your boss about your career development and where he or she sees your career heading, find out what development they can offer you
  • Take action yourself to develop yourself ready for a move elsewhere
  • Consider alternative options – what other jobs/ career paths interest you?


If you are interested in learning more about my career review service do get in touch. This is what I include in a Career Review programme:

  • Exercises to get you to review your current job and also to consider your career drivers and interests.
  • Joint creation of a plan on what to do next. This would list actions to support your career and life over the next 6 months. I’ll summarise this and send to you.
  • A monthly follow up message for the next 3 months to help keep you focused.
  • Recording of the call so you can listen to it again.


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