How was the weekend? Did you have the weekend you wanted?

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Of course not everyone is working Monday to Friday with a weekend off, but if you were off work,  did you get some time for you or was it filled with tasks that you had to do?
Career satisfaction is not just about what we do at work. It’s also about having a balanced life and enjoying our time away from our job. It helps to give up perspective.
I think it’s important that we all take time to enjoy being alive, to do things that don’t necessarily focus on task completion but nurture our inner being. For me this has included going to the gym, seeing a movie – Robot and Frank, having a good clear out (I love to sort out things for the bin/ recycling/ charity shop) and also taking time to read novels – my favourite luxury.  Plus of course spending time with my husband, Simon.
On our work days so much of our time is focused on work – being more effective, getting ready for the next promotion or assignment, just keeping going on the never ending work tasks. We get tired, and aren’t as effective if we don’t get enough rest.

It can help to take time to switch off, to give the brain a rest. Our brain may be working in the background, processing a problem we have been thinking about. I know I get some great thoughts when hiking in the hills, and they come when I’m not actively thinking of the problem.

An article on the Forbes website lists 14 things successful people do, or should be doing, on weekends

  1. Make time for family and friends
  2. Exercise.  You don’t have to go to the gym, but a walk in the park could be a good way to clear your head.
  3. Pursue a passion
  4. Vacation
  5. Disconnect. Switch off the phone and don’t check the emails!
  6. Volunteer
  7. Avoid chores. Umm, not sure they can be avoided but we can allocate a set amount of time so they don’t take over the whole weekend.
  8. Plan. Maybe Sunday evening is a good time to plan for the week ahead. Knowing what you want to achieve should make it easier to be clear for next weekend. But it’s also planning further ahead for the bigger goals.
  9. Socialize
  10. Gardening/crafts/games/sports/cooking/cultural activities
  11. Network
  12. Reflect
  13. Meditate
  14. Recharge

I’m not suggesting that you try to do all of these, but seeing a list can provide inspiration.

Time off from work shouldn’t be a time to feel in competition with others for the most awesome weekend but it can be interesting to read what other people do, so would love you to make a note below.

Have a great week at work, till next time,
Brought to you by Denise Taylor, double award winning career psychologist with Amazing People and the author of ‘How To Get A Job In A Recession.’ My 7th book ‘Getting the Job You Want’ published by ICON books is now on sale.
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