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I review hundreds of articles each week, and I’ll be sharing some that may be helpful for you each week in my Career Wisdom Newsletter.


Career Wisdom on Career Discovery

Sometimes people are considering project management and need to get some qualifications, came across this recently, online training with a massive saving including access to the Prince2 training. I don’t think it includes the examination, but you could show it on your CV as completed the training. It could be worth looking at this and some of the other options via Stack Social. Read More >>

Career Wisdom on Job Search

The elevator pitch: How to sell yourself in 30 seconds and leave people wanting more

When you meet someone who may be able to help in your job search or as a possible customer/client you want to tell them a bit about yourself. It must be the right length – not too long and interesting. In this article you can read the eight steps to crafting the perfect elevator pitch.  Read More >>

Career Wisdom on Career Management

I was spoilt for choice, which to share. I decided on these 3, all with different aims:

7 ways to find inspiration at work

This is aimed at leaders. The article says to inspire others you should first inspire yourself, some good advice in this article. Read more >>

How To Speak Up, Stand Out And Get Taken Seriously At Work

Great article for younger people who feel they should know all the answers. Read more >>

The Differences Between Busy and Productive People

It’s too easy to be busy but not effective  Good tips to help you to be more effective at work. Read more >>

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