There are many reasons why you might like to hire a career coach, here are 10 of them

1.To be happier
We spend so much of our life at work, we should be happy in our job and if not to find work that is more enjoyable and plays to our strengths.
2. To help you understand who you are
The more you know yourself, the easier it is to choose a career that suits the person you are and contributes to the life you want to have.
3. To understand your natural talents and strengths
You don’t focus purely on skills, what you have learnt to do, but your underlying talents, the more you use these, the greater the chance of personal fulfilment at work.
4. For an independent perspective
You can be honest, you don’t have to say what your boss wants to hear, and you can also share any concerns and fears that you don’t want to burden family or friends with.  Plus you get clear feedback.
5. As an investment in your future
Top sports people and successful business executives have their own coach to help them to get to the top in their chosen profession, (I pay for 2 hours a week with my personal trainer as I know I’m reaching my goals faster than working alone). Have your own career coach to support and challenge you and make sure that you are reaching your potential, taking your wider life into account alongside your career.
6. To help you to get a job faster
A study by outplacement firm Lee, Hecht, Harrison found that individuals who used a career coach found a job 46% faster than working alone.
7. To help you focus your job search campaign
It’s not enough to just create 1 CV and apply to jobs, you need to adapt your CV for different jobs, increase your online presence via LinkedIn and comments in discussion forums.  Make sure your career coach is up to date with new technology.
8. To keep you motivated and hold you accountable
It’s easy to get sidetracked and a career coach can keep you on track, making sure you focus on effective action and helping you rethink when your approach isn’t working.
9. To keep up to date with new processes and techniques.
Understand and put into practice new methods such as personal branding and using social media.
10. To help you be more successful
Career coaches are not just for when you are unhappy in your job; we can also help you develop your career.  For example, should you take an MBA? Is that promotion going to help your long term future goals? How can you improve the way you work with others?  Do you stay as a specialist or move into a generalist role? Working with an experienced coach will help with your personal success.
For more guidance on how to choose a career coach you can access a 11 page document here.
Denise Taylor is a double award winning career coach and Chartered Psychologist with Amazing People, established in 1998. When you are unsure of your career future, need help with job search or seek to improve your presence in an online world, Denise can help. Denise is the author of 7 books including How To Get A Job In A Recession, Now You’ve Been Shortlisted and Fat to Fantastic

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