I believe we should all care about the work we do regardless of what the job it is. I’ve worked in low level admin jobs, shops and even washed up in a cafe, and every job, I’ve done to the best of my capability and always been pleasant to customers.
I’m always observant of other people and observed a couple of people recently. If you were their boss what would you think?
The first was in the supermarket. The male assistant on the check out was complaining to the person ahead of me that he would rather still be in bed, he really hated his job and can’t wait to find something else. He was possibly a graduate, looked about 21. Moan, moan, moan all through the transaction and so slow. I’ve done mystery shopping in the past, plus I’ve worked on a consultancy basis with a company looking into customer service and  how to improve it. If I was his boss I’d be getting him to the top of the list for the people I’d be letting go after Christmas, and I wonder what he would think when he doesn’t have a job at all.

The other person was chatting to a colleague. I was waiting in a queue and overheard quite a lot of the conversation. Apparently he had been temporary promoted to manager, but has not had this confirmed and will revert to assistant manager. He said he wasn’t disappointed and that this now means he no longer needs to care! But he is still part of the management team, his attitude is not what you expect of a manager and what does this say to the member of staff he was talking with. Does this mean that the staff doesn’t need to care either?

Do you have horror stories like this that you can share? What would you do if you worked with someone like this?

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