Remember the old days when we only had a landline and it was in the hall, which was usually cold. So to answer the phone you had to go there, and probably sit on the stairs. But now – our phone is with us 24/7 and we can’t leave it alone.

While away I’ve spent a lot of time on my phone – taking photos, ‘WhatsApping’ people to meet up, posting on FaceBook … but now I’m back and I don’t want to be beholden to technology. I want it to work for me.

So, I’m doing what I read in a Cal Newport article.

When you get home, you leave your phone in the hallway, and keep it there till you leave your home. If you need to use your phone – send a text, look something up, make a call, you go to the hall and do it there. You can take your phone off silent so you will hear the ring. This may work for you, what do you think?

Published On: October 26th, 2019 / Categories: Productivity /

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