I’ve been prompted to write this as I’ve a client who says she is going to hand her notice in. Let’s call her Julie.
Currently working in risk management, a job she is desperate to leave, Julie has gone through The Gold Career Programme with me and we’ve identified a number of jobs for her to research including psychologist; teacher; public relations and financial advising. She’s a very talented individual so lots of options.
The process I use with clients is for them to do some research so they really understand the different jobs and we then talk again to review their research and I help my client to present themselves in the best possible light for when they apply for their chosen job or jobs.
There is always a danger that my clients will seek to move ahead too quickly, not to do the research but choose one particular job and to go for it. However, without the research they are less likely to present themselves well.
Julie doesn’t like her job, and the jobs she is considering is very different to her current role. She is unhappy and wants to leave. I spoke with her on Friday, cautioned her against resigning but she called again last night to say she is going to leave.
So for Julie, and you, let’s consider the options
If I resign with out a job to go to:
  • Gives much more time to devote on job search
  • Takes you away from a situation you aren’t happy with


  •  People will think you are mad to give up a well paid job for what could be several months unemployed
  •  Future employers will also question your judgement – it’s a recession so why give up a well paid job, can you convince them
  •  What will you live on?
  • If you don’t get a job quickly its going to eat away at your self confidence resulting in your probably interviewing less well, not getting a job and feeling worse
So what do I suggest?
  • Stay put, it is easier to get another job when you are in a job
  • Continue to do a good job in your work, but work smarter so you work your regular hours instead of long hours
  • Get really clear on the sort of work you want to do – the research phase can take time, and you need to do it properly
  • Commit yourself to job search of at least 2 hours a day. This includes looking on web sites, reviewing your CV and especially talking to people so they  know what you are looking for.  
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