Happy Easter

As an employee I loved Easter, as an office worker I had 4 days off work and it was a lovely relaxing break. I hope you have time to spend with loved ones and relax. I’m leaving for Bristol soon – Bristol Swing Festival to develop my dance skills further.


My next book

I’m almost there! All chapters are written and I’ve just completed the introductions to each chapter so I’ll put to one side and review again on Tuesday. It’s due to the publisher on 13th April and I’m then taking a few days away, now booking client appointments from 20th April.

Springtime: time to dust off your CV

My latest article can be found on LinkedIn and you can access it here.
The clocks have changed and it’s spring time, although looking out of the window and you may think otherwise. I don’t know about you but this is the time of year I do my big spring clean. I love getting rid of unwanted items, and love to move everything so I get at trapped dust. It’s a lovely feeling to see my windows sparkle, to have got rid of cobwebs, to start to think of the summer and warmer days ahead. Even more so when it’s so cold at the moment. This could be a good time to spring clean and tidy up your CV. Access it here.

April 1st spoofs

Gone are the days with newspaper front covers focused on a spoof, but I’ve had a few emails which really made me smile.
Ed’s Easy Diner said they’d invested in drones to top up coffee mugs.
Hot Tub Barn sent a newsletter saying they have signed an historic deal to put hot tubs on Virgin Atlantic flights – imagine that with a bit of turbulence.
And LinkedIn published an article to introduce LinkedIn Magic Mirror: professional photo filters to help you find your hidden career ambitions.

Getting rid of annoying ads

Do you get frustrated that as soon as you search on Google or visit certain sites you are harassed with adverts for something you previously searched for?

A recent article from Time explains how to opt-out. I had 122 cookies for different organisations, now all but two of them have been stopped. I’ll still get ads, but they won’t be targeted to me. I thought this would be an interesting tip to pass on.

I’m taking 2 weeks off now so I’ll be in touch again when I return.

Wishing you a Happy Easter

Denise x
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