When Colin came to see me he was feeling worried and confused.  At 53 he was a successful manufacturing manager in an engineering company, but changes in the US parent company meant his job was made redundant.  His company had paid for him to have outplacement with me, but at our first meeting he was unsure how I could help. 
In our early sessions I found out more about him, to see if he wanted to broaden the sort of jobs he sought.  He was clear that he wanted a similar job.  We started on preparation, using the MBTI Step 2 to understand who he was, being clear on strengths and creating a plan to address weaker areas. We then set about creating an effective CV.   

Like many of my clients Colin wanted to rush into applying for jobs but we needed to get ready first. Creating a CV is not a quick job; I needed to really understand what he had done in different jobs so that we included good examples of his achievements. We then created a couple of covering letters ready to be adapted for specific applications.  Part of job search coaching is to share different approaches and help people to target both the advertised and non advertised media – looking for jobs in the print and online media and writing to companies direct. 

It’s also to keep people motivated and supported – job search is tough, there’s quite a bit of rejection. I regularly answered short questions and emails about how he was feeling and keeping him focused on getting applications out and making contact.  Colin has now had the job offer and has accepted. It was great to hear he will move on to a job with more money and a great environment for him.  

Colin told me how very pleased he was with the work we have done together and how he has appreciated my support. The work I do is immensely satisfying and I’m delighted he’s got a great new job.  I’ve given him some notes to help him with the transition and I’ll see him in a few weeks on so we can review how he is doing.  I get great career satisfaction from helping other people to find career satisfaction and get a job they love and it’s fantastic when clients achieve success!


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