Fast track your career. Many years ago, a project was failing. 2 project managers couldn’t make it happen. I’d been designing some related training for the project sponsor and he asked me to take the project manager role on. Eyebrows were raised. I was an occupational psychologist, what did I know about managing a project? But he’d noticed my strengths – and offered me the job.

Hell yes.
Without hesitation I said yes.
I knew I could learn more on the job. I knew I was very good at asking questions and listening and implementing.
I learnt on the job, I kept him informed, I got people involved, I created a team of people who wanted to succeed.
It was a great success. This is how you Fast track your career.
I then got promoted. Big step up. To be a member of the organisations major change project.
I was by far the most junior.
I had to learn quickly.
Again, I asked good questions, and listened and implemented. I worked hard, but smart.
Further success and another promotion.

So, when I work with clients who are seeking promotion and I tell them my story they know I’m not just giving an academic response, or (gasp!) making it up (and I’m learning there are a lot of bull s**tters out there). I’ve been there, I’ve learned how to be successful and I coach my clients to be successful too.

I encourage my clients to step outside their comfort zone, to volunteer. To make suggestions. To be proactive.
It takes nerve. It demands self-confidence. It means putting yourself out.
You may have to put in the hours.
You may have to say no to something else.
If you want success you need to make sacrifices.

But you don’t need to do it alone. I can be your coach. The voice in your ear, the sounding board and confidant that supports you to achieve this success.

And I’ll be there if it doesn’t turn out right. Because sometimes however much you plan and prepare it doesn’t go right. And it’s ok. This is how we learn. How we improve. How we grow and develop. How you will Fast track your career.

Want to talk with me about how I can help you be successful in work and Fast track your career. Feel free to schedule a time to talk.

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