Whilst many people work because they love it and strive to have a career that they care about, employee satisfaction can also stem from a happy, healthy office environment. Employee satisfaction ensures that work is being done quickly and efficiently because the employee wants to work there, and means that the company is positively discussed amongst staff and clients. So, how can you keep your staff happy and ensure employee satisfaction?


Office safety is necessary in a work environment. Employees want to know that they are working somewhere with minimal risks, and that their employer is taking their health and safety seriously. As an employer, you can make sure your employees know this by placing signs in the office, like those from mysafetysign.com. This ensures that your employees, visiting clients and guests are protected from potential hot taps, trip hazards or electrical equipment, and they know that you are looking out for them.  

An interesting workplace

Businesses are increasingly modernising and, by having a stylised interior, you can attract potential new employees and impress your existing ones. One way of doing so is using creative, funny and engaging pictures or posters that fit the tone of your business and get your employees talking. Comfy chairs, games, books and plants can also encourage a cool aesthetic and promote “relaxation areas”, where people can go to unwind or take a break and enjoy themselves, feeling more proactive and ready to get back to work. 

Flexible hours

Many people report that they feel happiest in a role that lets them to be in control of their own hours and allows the option to work from home if necessary. This is because people feel less restricted by their managers, that their personal life is respected and that they are under less pressure to be “on time”. This can help people to perform better, because they feel more comfortable and want to put the effort in. Allowing time off for health appointments is also essential for an equal opportunities employer.

Casual dress code

Whilst certain roles require a certain dress code, many companies are now adapting a smart-casual dress code that allows their employees to wear what they see fit, providing it’s appropriate and on-message. Like having flexible office hours, this can be extremely beneficial as it makes employees feel comfortable and in control of their own aesthetic. An environment where women aren’t expected to wear high heels and men aren’t expected to wear ties also encourages gender equality across the business.

A well-stocked fridge

It’s often said that food is the way to people’s hearts, and a well-stocked fridge in an office can hugely promote employee satisfaction. People don’t perform well when they’re hungry, and having a fridge full of goodies helps them to be alert, punctual and well-mannered. It also proves to your employees that you care about them and want to make sure that they’re happy. Make sure you have a good variety, including healthy, vegetarian and vegan options alongside the crowd-pleasing cakes and donuts.   


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