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Gone are the days when we were ready to snuggle into our slippers and gently drift towards old age. Maybe your company pension kicked in at 60 but, after six months of gardening and finishing off the DIY chores, you wanted to get out and earn some extra cash. Or maybe you are recently divorced and now eager to take a step up from part-time retail work. Whatever your situation, here are some top tips on finding work when you’re 50 and over.

Be clear on what you want to do

Don’t be vague and talk about getting a job. Think about:

  • what job you would like to do
  • what type of organisation you’d like to work for
  • be clear about how to communicate this

We need to understand our signature skills and strengths. Think about the top four or five things you are really good at and keep those in mind when you’re looking for work. You never know where this may lead…

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Published On: April 1st, 2016 / Categories: 50+ /

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